At Total Health Link, we pride ourselves in providing personalized, high quality treatments to ensure patients reach their goals as quickly as possible. Our team will do our best to guide your treatments in the direction we feel will best benefit the patient’s needs, which may include seeing multiple therapists in order to achieve optimum healing.

The Total Health Link team consists of: 

• Physiotherapists
• Chiropractors
• Registered Massage Therapists
• Athletic Therapists
• A Hypnotherapist 

We also work in close association with multiple Medical Doctors, Chiropodists, Podiatrists, Compounding Pharmacists, and a Sports Physician in the Burlington Area. 

Our doctors and therapists treat a wide range of individuals – from infants to the elderly, as well as ‘weekend warriors’ to professional athletes. We treat a wide variety of conditions and injuries, including low back pain, motor vehicle accidents, work related injuries, headaches, neck and shoulder pain, foot pain, and general joint or muscle discomfort – just to name a few. Whenever possible, our efficient and caring receptionists will bill your insurance company directly, minimizing out of pocket costs, and helping make your visit to Total Health Link memorable. 



What to Expect:

Your first visit at Total Health Link takes approximately one hour. During this hour, your therapist will start with discussing your full medical history. Next, a head to toe postural and gait analysis will be completed. The third step will be a few tests, for example, your range of motion, and orthopaedic tests. After the tests are completed, the therapist will feel the tissue texture, and assess the tenderness, this is called palpation.

After all the tests, your therapists will discuss a treatment plan with you. This plan will consist of the treatment that will be received, how many visits, and what to expect during your treatments. Your therapists will also answer any questions you may have concerning your condition and treatment.

You can also expect to receive your first treatment that day.

About Our Clinics

Our therapists treat individuals from the NHL, CFL, AHL, and NLL; however, our practice is not exclusive to athletes...

First Visit

Your first visit at Total Health Link takes approximately one hour. During this hour, your Doctor or Therapist will discuss...


We treat all types of conditions including: repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, low back pain, motor vehicle...


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